Tuesday, 21 November 2006


This blog starts life as a collection of the various essays and articles that I have written in recent years.... In the future, as I write more articles, I shall include them here also.

Typically I have written articles on political matters, with forays into book reviews, spiritual reflections even the odd bit of fiction. I'll kick off by linking to a few of the IndyMedia articles that I have written in recent times. These have appeared on the UK IndyMedia site (http://www.indymedia.org.uk) , the Cambridge IndyMedia site (http://cambridge.indymedia.org.uk ) and the Bristol IndyMedia site (http://bristol.indymedia.org.uk ).

While in Cambridge I wrote articles on a number of different issues:

In (dis)honour of the G8's visit to Edinburgh I wrote several explanatory articles:

I wrote a number of articles about Western corporate activity in post-invasion Iraq:

Since moving to Bristol I've contributed the odd small piece:

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